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I have been a loyal customer at Dave's Canyon Auto since he opened his doors 20 years ago. I keep going back because they are an honest shop. They will take good care of you.
Alan M.
As a twenty-something single girl who knows just enough about cars to fill them with gas, I have had bad experiences with mechanics a lot. They try to sell you services or parts you don't need, they talk to you like you're stupid, they try to rip you off. I'm glad I found Dave's and I will continue coming here as long as I live anywhere in the area! On two occasions, services were recommended that I hadn't initially asked for and both times I had friends who knew a lot about cars come down and check out my car to make sure (I've learned that it's always a warning flag when a mechanic tells me I need something I didn't asks for). On both occasions, not only did Dave and crew let them check out what they were talking about, they offered to let me take it somewhere else for a second opinion. The 2nd time they found a potentially very dangerous problem with the fuel system that I hadn't noticed at all! Thanks for the honesty and fair deals guys, you have another customer for life!
Satisfied Customer
This is the first time I went there. Frankly, I was kind of pessimistic about any mechanic garage before I went to Dave's. The service I received there totally changed my mind and as I said - "life could be much easier with Dave's! I was served the moment I went there and it took just about 1 minute for the mechanic there (sorry, I forgot to ask his name) to check the code for "check engine light". Then I described my situation and he just tried to verify the O2 sensors was replaced and I told him that I changed the MAF sensor by myself. Then he helped to check that too. It turned out the connection is kind of loose (maybe I should have pushed it more harder to make it totally click in). Then he cleared my warning code and asked me to drive around and see what happens. overall, it took me just 5 minutes at most to leave Dave's Canyon Auto happily with nothing out of my pocket. I can't say for sure that's the problem. But, at least, I see an honest mechanic and very friendly service which is rate in today's market. Before I went to Dave's, I called several other garages and even have my car diagnosed at one of them. It generally took me half an hour to one hour waiting and the price they offered is sometimes ridiculous (one garage asked $320.00 for a change of MAF sensor alone. I can order a brand new MAF sensor from the dealer for $190.00 and install it within 5 minutes by myself. I guess they would just order some remanufactured one from Autozone or Checker for about $100 and get away with $200 easy dollars from customers like me.) All in all, Dave's Canyon Auto definitely win my business and I will take my car over there for any problems I encounter in the future.
Satisfied Customer